Olive perfume is one of the leading boutique brand. which is one of the leading retailers of middle east based in UAE. The olive range is a niche fragrance collection specially crafted for the Arabs and the fragrance is made with most precious natural ingredients. The product range is a true invitation to explore and reveal one’s personality. This luxurious brand will help you to identify and create fragrant memory for years to come and make a journey you will never forget.

Perfumery since 2010. It is a choice to create your own path of happiness. The products were launched to fulfil every Arabs dreams and desire for the most delicious fragrance ever. The magical hands behind each perfumery is Mr. Faisal C.P who brings you the happiness home.

Olive  fragrances designed to illuminate and bring forth your desire to success. The fragrance will not only leave you spell bound, but leaves others in a trance, to give you a statement that will make anyone look over their shoulder. The name was inspired from the Holy Quran due to its extensive use of olive oil and olive leaves as a natural healer.